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The line between indoors and outdoors continues to blur as many of us want to take our indoor comforts and solitude outdoors. This concept is becoming more realistic as many manufactures of home products develop more and more appliances, furniture, lighting, and accessories that can be used indoors or out.

Creating or renovating an outdoor space has many elements. Landscape design, stonework and carpentry are all critical components of designing your outdoor haven. Outdoor furnishings, lighting, and accessories are also an essential element in your overall plan. As you begin the process and consider space planning and design be sure to include the entire family. You will be amazed at the wish list that you come up with!

We are pleased to introduce exquisite outdoor draperies. Either functional or decorative, these custom outdoor-friendly elements add a level of sophistication and finish to your outdoor lanai, veranda, or balcony. Just imagine the possibilities…

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